Yutaka Moriguchi

Professor, Department of Cultural Design, Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies, Kindai University Vice Chairman, NPO Arts project


1960 Born in Osaka
1960 Born in Osaka
1986 Master of Graduate degree, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Perform her works at the local galleries and museums in various places every year since 1986.
2011 Held solo exhibition at Tokushima Prefectural Museum of Modern Art "Helping your heart,Yutaka Moriguchi."
From 1988, met hospital art during her stay in England over two years, started activities that explore the possibilities of art in the medical scenes in parallel with the activities as an artist.
2004 Established NPO Arts project, more than 30 hospitals around west side of Japan so far, involved planning, management and implementation of hospital art.

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